Our Approach

The below process shows Black Penny’s approach to delivering our services. As with any engagement, knowledge is power, and so integral to our success is the ability to extract, analyse and share that information. It can be easy to get distracted by the excitement that these engagements bring, but by following this tried and tested methodology we are confident that together we can deliver real tangible value to your organisation.

Stage 1
Business & Customers

A business is nothing without its customers. Arguably this is the most important phase of the engagement. This is where Black Penny begin to build the picture of why you are in business, what value you deliver to your customers and most importantly how is this going to change. Once this is understood it underpins how we advise the way technology can facilitate your organisational ambitions.

Departmental Strategy

When Black Penny understand why you are in business and where your journey is heading the focus is then on verifying this through business divisions and departments. Alignment to a common strategic direction allows a business to attribute tangible value directly to the component parts of the organisation, such as IT.

Stage 2
Applications and Systems

Through the use of qualitative and quantitative questioning, Black Penny will draw out your application landscape. This will be overlaid against the applications alignment to business outcomes, the criticality of the application and its future roadmap. In addition the systems and processes that underpin delivery of service will be discovered and mapped.


Black Penny Consultants will aggregate the knowledge gathered during the discovery phase of the engagement for analysis. This information will be used to bring the pieces of the puzzle together which depicts an image of the future.

Stage 3

The advice delivered back to you will vary depending on how Black Penny have been engaged. The report will be tailored to your requirements. It could be the creation of a transformational business case, the formation of a full transformation programme or simply a glimpse of what’s possible.


What can Black Penny do for your business?