Business Maturity

Identifying the maturity of your business against a strategic direction

The start of any digital journey begins with the recognition that a journey is required. A technical transformation programme introduces business disruption and cost before being able to realise the benefits it will bring. As such, the maturity of your organisation needs to be measured. These measures include the alignment of IT to the business, the appropriate use of technology and the maturity of a service model.

By understanding the maturity of your organisation, Black Penny will help you articulate this as a business case for technological change.

What does that mean for you?

Black Penny recently engaged with a civil engineering manufacturer who have grown through acquisition and product innovation. The newly appointed CIO had determined the IT not fit for purpose and open to exploitation. Black Penny have worked with the client to understand their business, its direction and the customer interactions. This information has been used to create a report on the business maturity against; strategic direction, alignment of business process and application productivity.  

The resultant report highlighted areas for optimisation and investment in new fit for purpose execution venues. By aligning the applications to revenue streams the estimated gain was a margin growth between 2-4%. Directly impacting the organisations bottom line.

What can Black Penny do for your business?