The start-up

by Paul Saunders • 19th January 2018

Well its been 6 months ish…the allotted time we allowed ourselves to build, promote and get going with our business….but what has the journey been like………? Exciting…..Frustrating…..Confusing…..Difficult…..Rewarding …..all of the above, which wasn’t unexpected but what was surprising was the excessive peaks and troughs in these periods, I can only put this down to how […]

5 effective ways to gain investment in technology

by Paul Saunders • 18th September 2017

Technical debt is a term that refers to the ‘debt’ accrued by a department who are looking for investment in a number of projects that sit awaiting sign off by either the CEO or another board member with P&L responsibility. Quite a number of companies that I’ve previously worked with have faced this challenge. They […]

The CIO’s progression to CEO

by Paul Saunders • 1st July 2017

  So I’m going to try and make a bold prediction, hopefully unlike the one famous mistake made by Robert Metcalfe!! My prediction is based on my own personal experiences and my observations of the radical changes our industry has been through and continues to adapt to…… Within the next 5 years we will see […]