The start-up

by Paul Saunders • 19th January 2018

Well its been 6 months ish…the allotted time we allowed ourselves to build, promote and get going with our business….but what has the journey been like………? Exciting…..Frustrating…..Confusing…..Difficult…..Rewarding …..all of the above, which wasn’t unexpected but what was surprising was the excessive peaks and troughs in these periods, I can only put this down to how […]

Journey to the Public Cloud

by Paul Saunders • 8th September 2017

I am frequently confronted with statements that the strategic direction of an organisation is “all in” Public Cloud. Now this is a common blog topic but I feel I need to add my experience to this well covered and contentious point. Whilst I don’t disagree that Public Cloud will feature in every business, small, medium, […]

The Value of the Service Provider

by Paul Saunders • 3rd July 2017

‘Value’ can be determined by different people as different things, the oxford dictionary defines it as “The worth of something compared to the price paid or asked for it”. Having worked in and around the IT Managed Service Provider space now for over 15 years I fundamentally believe there is value in working with such […]