Analysis of disbursed operating models and repetition across systems and processes and vendors

With the growth of any business comes the sprawl of sites, systems and suppliers. Acquisition growth is most significant in introducing repetition across a business, this could be in core applications, functions or partners.

Black Penny will work closely with you to analyse your business, it’s growth and any resultant repetition. With this information we will work with you to devise a consolidated map of the organisation taking into consideration; revenue streams, key functions, site alignment, vendors and systems.

The resultant report will be a future state view, post-consolidation, introducing efficiencies, reduced cost and maximum agility.

What does this mean for you?

Housing Associations have experienced reduced funding from government bodies and significant acquisitive growth. These 2 factors have contributed to large scale site and IT services sprawl, which introduces overlap and elevated cost, along with reduced investment.

Black Penny have worked with one such housing association to review the strategic direction of the business. Aligned with this was a view on the systems, sites and processes needed to operate the business. The output was a collapsed back view of the housing associations IT estate into primary sites along with the rationalisation of systems and vendors.

By reducing duplication in vendors, systems and process the resultant report showed a significant reduction in operating costs and freed up additional budget for innovation and staff training.

What can Black Penny do for your business?