Digital Transformation

Defining your journey towards the digital future and the best execution venues

Business is changing rapidly. Organisations must react faster and smarter to gain and sustain competitive advantage and technology is at the forefront of that evolution. Digitalisation is driving a fundamental change in society that is transforming the way businesses work with their customers, their supply chains and their people.

Black Penny’s team works with organisations who are looking to embark on a new digital journey and accelerate transformational change. We understand business, we understand technology and how it drives commercial value. With a customer centric approach we will work with your organisation, in a strategic and prioritised way, to define the best approach. This could mean re-evaluating process and skill set, or simply making use of the best execution venue.

What does that mean for me?

The retail space has the most significant need for evaluation when staying ahead of its competition and evolving with its customers’ expectations and buying behaviours.

Working with a major retail company, Black Penny have reviewed the varying customer profiles, the evolving buying behaviours and collaborated with the organisation to define a strategic road map for the IT Systems. Considerations were made around social channels, data analytics and the MI from this along with commerce platforms, such as mobile and Cloud.

By improving the process upon which customers engaged with the business and elevating the effectiveness of data gathering and analysis the company were able to improve the customer experience and be more efficient in direct marketing based on accurate profiling. The business expects to see a significant ROI within 8-10 months of the initial outlay.

What can Black Penny do for your business?