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Our Values

At Black Penny we strive to be:

  • Knowledgeable but not assuming
  • Confident but not arrogant
  • Professional but not stuffy
  • Collaborative but not passive
  • Disruptive but not contentious


Alan Crawford – CIO @ City & Guilds Group

“’What Black Penny have done I’ve found a real help for me and I know my colleagues and peers have been impressed with the output”

“This type of analysis really helps us to make sure we make the investments in the right place”

Andrew Heggie – Group Commercial Director @ Woodrow Mercer

“One of the things I found refreshing with these guys it wasn’t just a box ticking exercise and it wasn’t just about being compliant and that was it. It was about understanding some of the ways we use our data and off the back of this we will actually be able to use it more effectively.”

The Blog

Our Services

Business Maturity

Identifying the maturity of your business against a strategic direction… Read More

IT Strategy

Joint analysis and development of an appropriate IT strategy for your business…Read More

Digital Transformation

Defining your journey towards the digital future and the best execution venues… Read More


Analysis of disbursed operating models and repetition across systems and processes and vendors… Read More


Scoping, identifying and trusted introductions to new partners through a governed process… Read More

GDPR Essentials

Black Penny deliver a comprehensive framework of workshops, audits and programmes for GDPR Readiness Read More


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