Data Protection Support Service

Data Protection expertise for Scouting

Service Overview

Black Penny have constructed the Data Protection Support Service to respond to the needs of local Scouting. Black Penny offer a service that benefits from economies of scale across the Movement. The service is backed by dedicated Data Protection Officers who benefit from with a wealth of experience working with local Scouting.

As part of an annual subscription service, The Scout Units/Groups will receive a DPO backed service desk along with tooling designed to make managing compliance simple. This is all delivered through Black Penny’s GDPR digital platform known as The Compliance Space.

Black Penny have modelled the service to include a reactive response for breach incidents alongside proactive support for local Scouting through general queries, tooling and guidance collateral.

The Compliance Space platform includes online GDPR registers and tooling for Subject Access Requests, Data Breach Incidents, Data Privacy Impact Assessments and Legitimate Interest Assessments as well as the capture of Data Processing Activities and Data Systems in use at local Scouting.

Service Inclusion
Automated breach triage
DPO backed service desk
24 hour breach response
Legislation updates
Quarterly newsletter
Self-service guides
Quarterly web conferences for training
Digital GDPR compliance framework - The Compliance Space

As an addition, Black Penny are able to offer a half day phone based consultation to assist your local Group/County complete the modules within The Compliance Space. This engagement will run through the individual modules within the platform and complete the sections based on your processing activities.

Cost Effective

The advice and guidance from a Data Protection Officer can be cost prohibitive and difficult to secure. The Black Penny Data Protection Service benefits from experienced DPO’s at a low cost that is spread across the vast number of Scout Groups in the Movement structure. This advice covers all areas of the GDPR, from subject access requests to data breach incidents.

Advise and Guide

Black Penny recognise that local Scouting require access to expertise that can advise and guide on all matters GDPR, from handling subject access requests through to assessing data processing activities. The DPO backed service desk acts as this advice centre which can be accessed directly via The Compliance Space platform.

Modular Platform

The Compliance Space platform is at the heart of the service and used as the primary tool between the DPO’s and the local Groups. The platform offers a number of modular tools that can be used to capture all areas of the Groups activities and help them with mandated processes, such as subject access requests and data breach incidents.


Breach Response

Handling a personal data breach incident can be a stressful and time consuming exercise. With a requirement to be analytical, communicative and empathetic it is essential that a formal process be followed. The Black Penny Support service gives you access to an experienced DPO to help guide you through the incident coupled with the data capture tooling within The Compliance Space.

Service line itemPriceTerm
Data Protection Support Service£15 per month per group12 months
The Compliance Space Framework completion£500One off

Register your County

To register your County for the Black Penny Data Protection Support Service please complete the form below. Black Penny require commitment from the Counties for the Groups beneath them to be able to deliver the service. Whilst the commercial relationship will be between Black Penny and the County, the service will be direct with the Groups themselves:

    This detail will be used to contact you to inform you of the service go-live date and invite you to complete your subscription. Your details will not be shared with any third parties and will be deleted after 2 attempts to contact you to subscribe for the service.