The Compliance Space

Helping your organisation align to the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR

The operational management of data protection legislation within an organisation can be a burden. Its important to have robust processes, especially when it comes to managing the mandatory processes of subject rights requests, personal data breach response and data privacy impact assessments.

That’s why we use The Compliance Space – a complete, easy-to-use platform for all our clients’ data requirements.

Why did we choose The Compliance Space?

We needed a platform that bought together capture mechanisms for data processing activities and ease of use. This was a simple concept but had to be core to any platform we position with our clients because we know that a compliance platform that is not used, is non-compliant!

The Compliance Space is the answer to that requirement which is now trusted by all of our clients to help them maintain a strong and operationally focused data privacy program.

Easy to use

The Compliance Space platform has been built with the end user in mind. It is understood that the GDPR may not be everybodies day job and experts can be expensive, therefore the platform has been specifically developed to help guide users from start to compliance.

Cost effective

Unlike most privacy management software platforms The Compliance Space doesn’t give you a long list of expensive options to choose from. There’s one licence fee to pay per organisation, giving direct access to all of our modules, with an unlimited number of users.

Developed by experts

The Compliance Space has been developed exclusively by Data Protection experts. All of the questions, processes and tooling have been built from real life cases of working with clients directly, embodying usability with guided modules

Breach response

A data breach can be one of the most critical and stressful times any business can face. That’s why The Compliance Space includes an ability to reach your consulting partner directly from the platform to assist with the personal data breach incident.

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