IT Strategy

Joint analysis and development of an appropriate IT strategy for your business

IT is no longer just a department with an associated budget full of people who sit in dark cupboards with flashing lights. Technology is the key business enabler and a catalyst for change. IT is a profit centre and if utilised correctly can and will be a major driving factor for growth.

We understand that the role of the CxO & department heads is challenging and changing. Developing a new strategy is now much more than a new budget and managing people. It’s about how technology, as a justified business investment, is going to help drive the organisation into new markets, increase agility, maximise profitability and ultimately deliver more value to your customer base.

At Black Penny we have experience of working with hundreds of businesses across a wide variety of sizes and sectors. We have been privileged to see what works well and where the challenges lie. We are completely independent, so you can trust our advice is based on what is best for your business rather than a drive to sell you a specific portfolio of products. 

We don’t have all the answers for you but together, we can help drive your business forward.

What does that mean for you?

The media industry is an example of a sector that operates across the divide of creativity and technology but also lives and dies by its ability to outpace the competition. Growth is generally organic and through product innovation and diversification.

One such organisation that Black Penny worked with were in the middle of defining their IT strategy and had completed 80% internally. The assistance they needed was to plug the digital transformation gap.

To keep up with their competition Black Penny identified they needed to optimise the customer experience making them more accessible and easier to transact with. This approach helped tie the organisational departments together on a common strategic goal and elevate the profile of the CIO within the business.

What can Black Penny do for your business?