Scoping, identifying and trusted introductions to new partners through a governed process

The technology supplier market is a vast landscape of varied capabilities. This marketplace can offer every service a small, medium or even large enterprise would need to partially or fully outsource their technology requirements. Due to the myriad of options and the complexity of technology provisions, organisations find it hard to firstly understand what it is that they need and then secondly, who can actually do it.

Black Penny have worked for or with most providers in this space, hence amassing knowledge of how best to use them.

Our experience tells us that most, if not all organisations, want a true partnership with their IT providers and not simply a buyer/vendor relationship. Having first-hand experience of the differences, we see significant benefit from your partner knowing you and your business inside and out. This helps the partner build a service wrap for you that is relevant and measurable.

What does this mean for you?

Black Penny recently engaged with a large logistics organisation that had grown significantly over the years with a number of small and large acquisitions. Each of these bought with it the on-boarding of new sites, systems and providers, creating a disparate and bloated IT estate and vendor management structure.

Black Penny worked with the organisation to understand the requirement from the business when it came to service provision (outsource vs in-source) and aligned this with the type of relationship they were seeking (commodity provision, vendor or partner)

The emphasis focused around on-boarding the right organisation to compliment the current business culture but also have the ambition & services to grow with them. Working together we built a business case that was focused upon a service proposition that not only optimised the current environment but future proofed the organisation against further M&A activities. By directly aligning applications & platforms to business revenue streams we were able to present a case for justified investment that directly attributed to the organisations bottom line.

What can Black Penny do for your business?